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AobswapPlugin In Cheat Engine

AobswapPlugin.lua is a special plugin only for Cheat Engine, function AobswapPlugin.lua is to make automatic find Array of byte Code (AOB Code) in the Trainer Standalone (EXE File Extension) or Trainer (CETRAINER File Extension), but now these tools are often used to protect code so that only the find code that can find the latest code for a game if the game is updated by the developers of the game.

Please correct my description about AobswapPlugin.lua if it wrong.

Out Of Topic. Why I do not use AOB swap for my Trainer Standalone? because until now I do not know how to make AOB Swap code for my Trainer Standalone, most Trainer Standalone or CETRAINER that use AOB Swap is Trainer Standalone or CETRAINER created using DaSpamer Easy Trainer making. If you want to make Trainer Standalone or CETRAINER then I recommend to use DaSpamer Easy Trainer making. You can get DaSpamer Easy Trainer making by click on the button below:

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How to use AobswapPlugin.lua?
First you must have AobswapPlugin.lua, if You do not have this plugin, you can download AobswapPlugin.lua by click on the button below:

Download AobswapPlugin.lua

After that, extract the file and copy AobswapPlugin.lua file to autorun folder, please follow this instruction to find autorun folder on your device: Computer >> Local Disk (C) >> Program File >> Cheat Engine 6.4 >> autoran.
Download And How To Use AobswapPlugin In Cheat Engine

Maybe AobswapPlugin.lua only work with Cheat Engine 6.4 or latest, so If you do not have Cheat Engine 6.4 or latest

AobswapPlugin In Cheat Engine

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